Being an adventurous person by nature, challenging myself daily has always been part of my life… and it was exactly as a challenge that this cooking adventure started for me.

My name is Sara Barreiro, I’m 34 years old, and my academic background is on management and marketing. In fact, I worked in this field for a few years, mainly in the fast-paced consumer goods industry, specifically in the food and beverages sector. But at some point I felt a very strong need to change a great deal of things in my life. The way I was nurturing my body was one of those things. And it was then that I discovered Macrobiotics.

I read a lot on the subject and I tried a lot of recipes. However, back then, about 9 years ago, I experimented with everything as long as it was vegetarian, which lead me to relearn everything I knew about cooking. And the teachings I was gathering from what I was reading on Macrobiotics resonated very deeply inside of me. As I observed the rhythm of my body changing with these new habits, I decided to deepen my knowledge on the subject. That is when I enrolled at Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal, to do the 3 years’ course.

The journey I’ve been going through ever since I’ve started my studies has totally transformed my life. And the consciousness about what I eat is just a small part of it. In the past few years I started working as a cook in events like retreats, gatherings or big dinner parties where I’ve put all my love into the meals I’ve prepared.

Then came few months working at Sha Wellness Clinic, a luxury resort where I gave cooking classes to guests, groups of journalists or chefs. But the desire to be master of my time, made me opt for this project, where my creativity and autonomy can be used freely.

And this is how I’ve been living my days… preparing balanced meals mainly with organic and whole foods, facilitating workshops, talks and counselling, trying to enlighten the idea that eating is one of the many ways to become better people and to find our purpose in life.

This is the work I propose to do every day. I wish that by the end of each and every day the people that come find me can feel better prepared to nurture their bodies properly, become filled with more energy and are able to truly become the star that shines inside every one of us.