Macrobiotics International Conference 2018

Macrobiotics International Conference 2018

This year, for the first time, I signed up for the International Macrobiotic Conference held in Lisbon last week.

The event that is aimed for people working in this area, gathered around 50 participants. I was fascinated to have the opportunity to be in the presence of many practitioners with more than 30 years of exeperience and with the variety of ways that each one uses to express and live this life philosophy.

The days were intense and full of subjects that made me vibrate … and the most curious thing is that out of the nearly 15 lectures only one focused on food.

But then what the hell have you debated, you may ask ?! 😉 It is true that tempura.te focuses heavily on food and the way food is produced and cooked. But as I wrote in one of the first articles I published, food is just the tip of the Macrobiotics iceberg.

There is so much to embrace in this term that it is difficult to define it, since each professional that practices it tends to focus on its area of ​​action. And as we debated at this year’s conference, this may be one of the reasons why many people continue to shuffle and not truly understand the meaning of the term.

One of the item we addressed was the definition and principles of Macrobiotics, which I am now sharing with you. If you are curious about it, just click here.

After defining Macrobiotics and ensuring that food is a basis for everything in our life, we gave wings to our imagination and traveled through the infinite possibilities of quantum physics, explored by Rik Vermuyten, who has this gift of making us question everything we think is real. From there on, the sky was the limit and we followed realities often not measurable, but deeply felt by all of us.

There was time to reflect on the need to meditate and to be in the here and now practicing mindfullness; to put into perspective all our knowledge of Yin and Yang and to understand it from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view; to discuss the need to bring more people to this philosophy and to point out some possible ways to involve more and more those around us; to understand the body as a living energy system; or, for example, to try deconstruct our reality so that we can better grasp the Macro around us.

I had the opportunity to meet countless people from different countries with tempura-telike projects, to share desires and anxieties, to listen to those who started many years ago and to realize that although it is very challenging to change our lives and start a project from zero, the effort and dedication will bear fruit that will have a unique flavor.

Thus it were 3 days where my heart was filled with hope for a more smiling future. Each person, with his(her) own experience, was the inspiration and illumination of my path which, as I believe happens with most of you, often presents me with ups and downs not always easy to go through.

I would therefore like to thank to IMP and all the organizing committee of this event. You’ve left me eager to attend to future conferences. 🙂

Also I want to share a page where you can find several articles on macrobiotics. Hope you find it useful! 🙂 Macrobiotics International

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